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Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows is a microblading technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows, in which pigment is scratched into the skin in fine, short strokes resembling hair, using a hand tool with a blade formed of tiny needles.


Ombre Powder Brows: 

A permanent make up treatment that uses either a digital machine or handheld tool to insert tiny dots of pigment into the skin. It creates a more shaded effect, rather than the crisp hair strokes that are often associated with microblading. 

Hybrid Brows:

A semi-permanent brow tattoo created in two steps:

1. microblading

2. microshading

The microblading part is done with manual tool for creating hairstroke-like incisions. Microshading is done with a brow tattoo machine that adds the shadowy effect.

Screenshot 2023-08-03 185328.png

2 hours

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