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Body Contouring

The majority of us struggle when it comes to achieving the body shape we desire. While diet and exercise are critical factors in the process, their main downfall is that they can't target specific body areas. Fortunatley SharpLight's body contouring treatments can! In just a few treatments you can improve your after-birth tummy, or reduce the circumference of your thighs.

SharpLight's body contouring treatments use multi-polar Radio frequency technology. During the treatment, RF pulses are emitted onto the treatment area. The current targets the subcutaneous fat cells causing them to shrink size. Simultaneously, the heat causes the collagen fibers to contract resulting in immediate skin tightening. By undergoing several treatments, the body produces new collagen and elastin which provides long-term skin tightening results.



Chin - $125

Neck/Jawline - $175

Half Upper Arm - $150

Back - $200

Abdomen - $175

Obliques - $100

Buttocks - $250

Lower Legs - $150

Upper Legs - $250

Full Legs - $375

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