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Your perfect pal to pack a punch in your cleansing routine.

Use it with swiping long strokes.

Sisal is a natural fibre ( Scientific name Agave sisalana) of Agavaceae (Agave) family yields a stiff fiber traditionally used in making twine and rope. … Sisal is natural fibrefully biodegradable. It is highly renewable resource of energy.

What is a sisal brush?
Sisal Exfoliating Brush – Exfoliating Dead Skin. Made from Sustainably grown sisalfiber. 100% pure vegetable, Exfoliates and clears out dead skin. These traditional, Japanese style sisal brushes are great for so many different things! Use them in the shower, for dry brushing, and cleaning your nails.

Benefits of Dry Brushing
• It’s Exfoliating.
• It Increases Circulation.
• It’s Invigorating and Energizing.
• Stimulate the Lymphatic System.
• Eliminate Toxins or Detoxify the Body.
• Aid Digestion.
• Improve Cellulite or Balance Fat Deposits.


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